Coin Rings for all Memorable Life Events

I get a lot of requests from folks to make coin rings for different special occasions. Some of the more popular requests are for coin rings to mark events such as birth years, anniversaries, years of historical significance, birthday gifts, and even for use as wedding rings.

Recently I was contacted by a gentleman named Steve who wanted me to make him two coin rings out of the “Peace” Silver Dollars, one from the year 1927 and the other from the year 1934, (the years that his parents were born). His mother had already passed away and his father had recently passed, and he wanted the two coin rings made as a tribute to both of them.

Later, he let me know that the coin rings were made so that he and his family could place them with his parents at their grave site and he also sent along a few photos from the service.

Having lost both of my parents as well, I was touched by what he had done and deeply honored that he had given me the opportunity to make the coin rings in memory of his parents.

Thank you Steve, may your Mom and Dad rest in peace.

– Martin