NEW Universal Stainless Steel Stabilizer Folding Cones and Spacer Set for Folding Coin Rings!

After receiving a ton of requests from many people and by heightened popular demand, the Universal Stabilizer Folding Cones and Spacer Set are now made from hardened and wear-resistant stainless steel; so….



Yet another big improvement over the softer folding cones made out of a light-brown plastic called “phenolic”, these new universal stabilizer folding cones are machined from wear-resistant hardened stainless steel, eliminating the need to purchase additional sets of folding cones in the future due to eventual wear-and-tear!

* You can watch me as I fully fold a Morgan Silver Dollar using these new cones with NO damage to any of the coins’ inner detail by clicking on the link below:

Folding a Morgan Silver Dollar with Stainless Steel Cones!


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*Before folding your coin, you simply wrap each stainless steel folding cone with Teflon® pipe thread tape to completely protect your coin rings’ inner detail. (See the photo below for an example of a fully folded-over Morgan Silver Dollar made with these new cones showing the teflon tape protecting all of the inner detail by the impression left against the  tape.)

Example of teflon® pipe thread seal tape fully protecting the inner detail of the Morgan Silver Dollar

Example of teflon® pipe thread seal tape fully protecting the inner detail of the Morgan Silver Dollar

* To use these Folding Cones, simply set the coin level into your reduction die, insert an appropriate size folding cone, (wrapped in pipe thread seal tape) into the center-punched hole, and then begin to press the coin down into the die, (as shown below):

SS Folding Cone pic5
These stainless steel stabilizer folding cones are a more effective and efficient option than using the delrin bearing balls, metal bearing balls, or even the softer phenolic (light brown-colored) folding cones. Their design allows them to do a much better job of keeping the coin level as it’s being folded over into your reduction dies when using either a Ring Sizer Machine, an Arbor Press, or a Hydraulic Press.

There are 4 different sized Folding Cones and 1 Spacer included in the Set:

* The 3/8” size folding cone is used in folding over quarter-sized coins, half dollar-sized coins, and American Silver Eagle-sized coins. For example, this is the first cone that you would use when beginning to fold a Silver Eagle-sized coin that has a 5/8” inch (15.8mm) center hole punched into it; as well as a US Quarter-sized coin with a 3/8” inch (9.5mm) hole, or a 7/16” inch (11mm) sized center hole punched into it.

*The 1/2″ size folding cone is used in folding over Half Dollar, Dollar, and American Silver Eagle-sized coins. This is the first cone that you would use when beginning to fold a Half Dollar-sized coin over with a 7/16” (11mm) hole in the center.

*The 5/8” size folding cone is also used in folding Half Dollar, Dollar, and American Silver Eagle-sized coins over. This is the final size cone that you would use to finish a Half Dollar-sized coin.

*The 3/4″ size folding cone is used in folding Dollar and American silver Eagle-sized coins. This is the final cone to use when finishing a Morgan Dollar sized coin and also the last cone to use (with the larger-sized flat spacer provided) when you’re finished folding an American Silver Eagle-sized coin.

* The spacer included helps to provide a longer reach of the ram as it’s needed to push the folding cones further down into the coin when the extra room is needed.

MORE SS Folding Cone pics2



1.) You should still bevel (ROUND OUT) the sharp edges of the hole in your coin BEFORE using these new folding cones, just to make sure that there are no micro tears present that can cause your coin to split during the forging process. (This is best accomplished with a deburring tool that can be purchased online.)

2.) I like to teflon wrap from the larger diameter end of the folding cone to the smaller diameter end about 3 to 4 times around, making sure to wrap evenly and to overlap at least half the width of the previous tapes’ wrap.

3.) I still like to do my first initial press (fold) with the improved Stainless Steel Starter Cone. This is necessary if you have the Set of my “Stabilizer” Reduction Dies. The reason being is that many ring sizer machines such as the “Durston” model have a very low clearance underneath the ram head; and the starter cone allows room for the initial first fold. You can then use the stainless steel folding cones to complete the folding process.

4.) Make sure to anneal (heat & quench) the coin often to keep the metal in a softer state when using the folding cones; as this will make the entire folding process go smoother with less effort.

These new Stainless Steel folding cones also work great with the “Stabilizer” Reduction Dies, as you end up having double the stability of both the design of the die itself as well as the folding cone when folding over any US Quarter, US Half Dollar, Morgan/Peace Dollar, or the American Silver Eagle!

*** NOTE ***

It’s not important to memorize which particular size folding cone fits into the center hole in the coin you are about to begin folding over. Instead, you want to pick the folding cone that fits into your coin’s center hole, that will allow you to fold the coin down; as well as fit under the ram head of your ring sizing machine, arbor press, or hydraulic press.

As you continue to fold your coin down into the universal reduction dies, you simply switch to a SMALLER diameter-sized reduction die and a LARGER-sized cone (and the spacer provided if needed) to finish the coin’s folding-over process.

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The BEST Coin Ring Folding AND Finishing Tools for coin ring makers!

By popular demand from many coin ring makers, now you can get the total package to begin folding, continue folding, and finishing off all of your coin rings with this complete Coin Ring Folding AND Finishing Kit; which includes the improved Set of hardened stainless steel Universal Stabilizer Folding Cones, AND the Rounding, Finishing, and Polishing Mandrel Set for ultra smooth and professional-looking coin rings.

This kit is a great compliment to my universal and stabilizing reduction dies to begin the coin ring-making process.


*** An improvement over the Folding Cones made out of softer phenolic material, these new folding cones are made to last as they are made from hardened stainless steel (and when wrapped with pipe thread seal tape won’t damage your coins’ detail), the new material allows the coin to glide against the folding cone easier without getting “stuck” and eating into the cone as was often the case with the soft phenolic folding cones.
For a complete detailed description of the improved universal Stabilizer folding cones, click on this link here:


*** With the new rounding, finishing and polishing mandrel set, you can now obtain the best, most rounded and uniform high quality smooth, shiny, and even finish to the NON-REEDED edges of your coin rings by quickly getting rid of those unsightly, uneven, flat edges.

No more having to use nail buffing files, sanding by hand, using steel round files or de-burring tools to finish your rough coin ring edges… nothing else performs better in completing this critical aspect of coin ring-making!
For a complete detailed description of the Rounding,Finishing, and Polishing Mandrel Set for professional-looking coin rings, click on the link below:


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*** Here are a few reviews from folks that have used these tools: ***

— ”Hey Martin, when you contacted me and said that you had Folding Cones made out of an improved type of material that you wanted me to test out, I was curious and excited to see what kind of results I would get with them. After having done numerous Half Dollar and Morgan Dollar coin rings, I can definitely say that I like this material better than the other cones that I had previously purchased mainly because the material of your newer cones seems tougher; but most importantly, your new material allows the coin to move down the sides of the folding cones easier without getting hung up and chewing into the cones as much as with the other material. I previously used the delrin balls that I had to make the first press into the coins but have since switched over to your stainless starter cone, which saves the folding cones from unnecessary wear and tear. Overall the new folding cones are holding up nicely after having now made over 30 coin rings with them. Thanks, and great job!” — Jerry R. of Memorable Coin Rings


— “Fast shipping and well made kit. The starting cone will likely last forever and using it makes the first fold more self-assured, it minimizes wear on the synthetic cones and removes the worry about having to replace them. It’s worth noting that it would be great if every company which offered products was like this one and they were constantly looking for ways to improve on and lengthen the life span of their products. As a business model, it would elevate creativity and quality above planned obsolescence. It would obviously be more profitable to make the tools inexpensively and let the ring makers use them until they wear out and then have to replace them. The tools bought here are not only designed to enable the making of professional level rings but to last as long as possible, saving the ring makers from repeat spending.”
— Gene (“if6ws929”) review left on May 11, 2016
5 out of 5 stars


— “Hello Martin. I received and used your starter cone and what a difference having the right tool for the job can make! I purchased your Stabilizer dies and can now use this starter cone because of the new lower profile-fit with my Durston ring stretcher. This will make my folding cones that I purchased from you last so much longer, thanks!” — Mark T.


(Coins and ring sizer machine pictured are not included and are used for reference only).

— CAUTION! This is a small part and can be considered a choking hazard. Please keep away from children and pets!
— Always wear safety glasses.
— Keep fingers, long hair, and loose clothing away from any pinch points or open flame.




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